All quite delicious thanks, that chocolate tart recipe is a triumph, see you soon love Alex

I know whatever you do will be excellent quality and good value.
Joe. Chislehurst

Dear Sarah, I must apologise for my tardiness in writing to you after your magnificent effort in producing a wonderful dinner party for Their Royal Highnesses last week. The Duchess is thrilled that not only are you able to cook for the next dinner party but that you are also able to organize the two drinks parties. Finally, Her Royal Highness wishes to offer you the position of Cook at Sandringham for those dates the Royal family are on holiday. I will inform you of the guest list as soon as it is to hand.
With kind regards
PA to the Duchess.

Dear Sarah, superb eats, everybody happy.
Paul. Blackheath

We are overjoyed at the prospect of you returning to France and cooking for us next year.

Hope all is well and I hope that one day you return to Chicago so we can have another wonderful dinner with you.
Best Regards

Many thanks indeed from us all for delicious food and a kitchen care-free week.
Caroline, Shannon, Eire

Thank you for being such a star this weekend. It has been so lovely meeting you.
Lots of love
Rose and family

I wondering if you would consider helping with Christmas this year, it seems ridiculous to be even contemplating the festive season, but if I want help, really it would only be you I’d ask.
Jessica. Suffolk

Hi Sarah, a big if belated thank you for making my mother’s birthday party such a huge success.
All best wishes
Linda. Charlton

Fab cake it went in a flash.
Pippa. Blackheath

Pour Sarah Stephenson
Chef Extraordinaire
Please stay with us for ever!
St Louis MO

Dear Sarah Happy New Year !
We were really thrilled with the food you prepared for us over the Xmas period. And we all thought you were a hell of a nice person too. I know we have some corporate entertaining, I just hope you will come and help us!
Love Chrissie. Guildford

A phenomenal dinner…. again! Thank you!! Bessie. NY

I remember your dreamy Pate, please add it to list of food for evening.
Miriam. N London

Dear Sarah, just to say a big thank you for Saturday. The food was outstanding. I had so many comments of praise about it. All your hard work and excellent dishes made the afternoon perfect. My parent were
(and still are) very happy and said they were taken back to a restaurant in Lebanon when they tasted the starters. Thank you so much.
Alison & Paul. Bromley

Hello Sarah,
Thanks for being such a flexible and communicative partner on this odd and informal thingy.
Kindest regards

For Sarah, with great admiration.
Sally D. St Louis MO

In the interval we found a spot by a hedge, tasted your picnic and sang your praises to the heavens.
Bob & friends, Glynbourne

To Sarah,
Many thanks for an absolutely superb meal and for all the effort that you put in to making this a very special event for us.
Best wishes
Carol & James. Blackheath

Just to let you know Sarah was an absolute star last week. Her food exceeded all our expectations and was absolutely excellent. She is also an exceptionally nice, resourceful, calm and helpful person that we were delighted to have on holiday with us. We are now looking for an excuse to get her again at some point!
Clare. Mallorca

Champion Sarah, thanks for being so flexible.
Mary Hampstead

Sarah was employed here as a temporary cook (12 weeks) She leaves of her own accord and we are sorry to see her go.
Sarah is a highly competent dinner party cook and in her time here did not repeat one recipe unless we asked her to. She has a very wide repertoire of dishes from many countries. This was her first position as a cook in a household and she coped well with the sudden changes of direction and the multiple diets that we observe.
Sarah was completely self-reliant and hard working. We are sure she would be an asset to any employer and we wish her well in the future.
Colin Barrow. Suffolk