I can be hired for a day, a weekend, a week, taken on holiday here or abroad.
I cater for parties; Buffet parties, Canapé parties, Children’s parties, Dinner parties cooked in the client’s home. BBQ’s, Picnics, Ritz-Style Tea parties.

I can give cookery lessons in your own home. Indeed I’ve had children as young as two making cakes and pizzas. Adults are easier! Grow in confidence. Most food is easier to make than you think. Years ago all my puddings went in the bin, even the dogs refused to eat them! Now it’s almost my favourite thing.
Freezer Filling is very popular.

Size of job:

Anything from buffet parties for 80 – 100 to mini jobs such as dropping off salads to an elderly couple in Blackheath each week or taking casseroles to a frantic client who’s just been informed her teenage children have arranged a large sleepover.

The invisible chef

I can come over – you don’t have to be there – cook your dinner then depart before the guests arrive.

Dietary Requirements

My uncle is a celiac, so I’ve had years of practice with gluten-free food. This summer I cooked for a vegan wedding, a job made more difficult as they requested loads of savoury flans. I’ve had no onion, garlic or celery diets. No peppers. No tomatoes. Dairy- free diets and pregnant clients, with all the new rules that involves. The list goes on.